Download Train Crisis HD apk for android phones

Game gets really challenging really quickly. .NEEDS BETTER TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLS. Sometimes our touches didn't register -this goes for both phone and tab. and It will be good if the tunnels have some sort of indication which leads to which instead of forcing the players to do some trial and error. Maybe a flashing light at the exits of the tunnels can indicate a train is exiting. Also, a zoom in/out function would be nice. Update: some levels are just too difficult with almost no room for error. Makes me wonder what is the difference between a 1,2 or 3 star rating for each level.

Download FIFA 12 apk for android phones

This game is absolutely awesome. The runs so smooth and the graphics are great, above all once you buy the game, that is it. Controls take some getting used to especially if you been playing RF2012. But is much more challenging than the other football games on the market. Great fun and nice to see proper team names and kits. one big bonus no waiting for or buying stamina to play. It's like the best of RF2012 and PES2012 all in one game. Thanks EA great effort. HTC Desire S. Only 4 stars as D-pad needs work maybe increase the size of it?

Download Reckless Racing 2 apk for android phones

By far the best racing game for android thus far! It is like a combination of Flat Out, Forza, and Reckless Racing 1! Amazing game, I had the licensing issue but found out that you just have to wait for Google to verify the purchase of the game. I just waited about 20 minutes and it worked fine when booted up. I had the first game on my iPod and it was fantastic, and this one adds a lot of customisation options that really make the game shine. Download this and you won't be disappointed. Runs and looks amazing on my Asus Transformer Prime, even on economy mode.

Download Office Jerk apk for android phones

Works very well on my Phone, I really like the game,Why are there no daily challenges like the iphone?? I have the htc inspire, works great just wish it had the same features as iphone ugh. and when I paid $1.99 to buy more items to throw, after two weeks, I still haven't been credited! I have not been able to find a way to contact them either!!! Update: finally bought papayas to buy items, and I have 400 left. After the last update, lo and behold, you now need COINS to buy crap to throw! Update 2: I paid for no ads and have the cup to prove it. Now, with the latest update, I have flipping ads again! No more money from me until fixed.

Download Cut the Rope: Experiments apk for android phones

The original game ate up a lot of my time when I first bought it, and playing through the first few stages brought back memories of that time. It's tougher, yes, and it's definitely not for the faint-hearted (the game assumes a certain level of familiarity with the gadgets used in the first game), but it allows new players to get up to speed in no time with the familiar hint system. I just wish that there were some higher-res graphics for tablets, but even without that, this game just rocks!

Download Tiki Kart 3D apk for android phones

Good, but not perfect. I enjoyed the challenge, but it seemed that every time the computer disappeared or blew up, it would magically pop in front of me. And the steering needs work, it feels like no matter where you are, you're driving on ice. Alot of comments in the market you see from bad reviewers are because they have a cheap device. My phone renders this game well at 60fps overclocked at 1.83 ghz, with everything running smooth. So if your experiencing crashing its your phone, not the game. Overall tho this game is bland with unpolished & glitchy controls. May be fun for some, Overall, a nice game

Download Photon apk for android phones

This game is great crazy paced fun! It took me but a minute to get the game mechanics and then the fun was full throttle! Tilt screen from side to side to jostle things around and connect same colors, using the clear ones to fill between colors... I'm going to stop writing and return to playing... So much fun! I LOVE IT! I think the whole thing is just awesome, like movable jewels. Idk why the bad ratings in the marlet, most people who experience problems with the newer games is because of there phones.. upgrade please, stop hating.